Atlas Copco’s Variable Speed Drive technology consumes 25% less power at Brucha’s Austrian facility

June 29, 2015

At Brucha’s 80,000-square-meter plant in Michelhausen in Lower Austria, four Atlas Copco GA oil-injected screw compressors with variable speed drive technology are using 25% less power to supply the company’s four production halls with the required volume of compressed air to meet their production needs.

Founded in 1948, Brucha manufactures high-quality panels that are used in the construction of cold storage and refrigeration halls. The panels come in 15 different insulation thicknesses from 40 mm up to 220 mm and can be used as wall and ceiling coverings on any substructure including wood, steel or concrete. The meat processing and bakery businesses represent two of the company’s most important customer segments for cold and refrigeration storage facilities.

VSD technology for varying demand for compressed air
Compressed air plays a major role in their facility, which is comprised of four decentralized production halls at its 80,000-square-meter plant. Control air is required for lifting, lowering and turning products, and for pneumatic valves. Service air is also required. In 2012, Brucha installed four oil-injected Atlas Copco rotary screw compressors with variable speed drive (VSD) – one GA 37 VSD, two GA 45 VSDs, and one GA 55 VSD – to supply their varying demand for compressed air. The variable speed driven compressors ensure that compressed air is supplied at the necessary level to meet production demands. This flexible operation results in the highest productivity levels, while minimizing the energy consumption and thus the total cost of ownership.
Power consumption reduced by 25%
As Karl Zischkin, production manager at Brucha, explains, “Our network is decentralized, so there is a compressor in each production hall. The old compressed air supply was not equipped with speed-controlled drives and for the most part was over-dimensioned. The associated inefficiency is no longer acceptable when energy prices are high and at a time of increasing energy consciousness. Atlas Copco’s speed-controlled compressors receive the excess capacity plan and still reduce power consumption by approximately 25%.” With over 60 years of experience, Brucha has always invested in the latest technology, using ultra-modern production systems at its facility. Brucha also takes its commitment to protect the environment very seriously, and Karl Zischkin is extremely pleased with the energy savings the company has realized from its four GA compressors with variable speed drive technology.

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