Atlas Copco’s GA18 compressor provides quality air for sensitive equipment

June 29, 2015

Atlas Copco’s GA 18 VSD FF compressor meets the strict demands for clean, dry compressed air that MoldTech Modell- & Formenbau GmbH (MoldTech) in Salzburg, Austria, requires for the sensitive work their company performs.

Günter Mühlbacher from MoldTech and Günther Kastler from Atlas Copco

MoldTech is a system supplier and contract manufacturing operator primarily for the automotive field with a focus on glass-fiber-reinforced and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic production. Using state-of-the-art computer-assisted drawing and computer-assisted manufacturing technology, MoldTech specializes in the fabrication of prototype tools, cubing, and design models, including models and molds, based on a customer’s requirements. To accomplish this, MoldTech uses equipment ranging from air guns and grinding tools to a CNC lathe and a new five-axial milling machine – and nothing works without compressed air.
VSD technology saves 35% energy on average
But not all air is the same, and quality air is crucial when it comes to the sensitive equipment used to design and manufacture fundamental components for the automotive industry. MoldTech’s compressed air requirements are diverse, but as Managing Director Gunter Muhlbacher explains, “It is cleanliness and dryness that are the defining components of our air supply. Due to the varying needs of our production, we have naturally chosen a variable speed-controlled compressor because of its effectiveness and cost efficiency.” Atlas Copco’s GA 18 VSD FF is an oil-injected rotary screw compressor that is compact in size but easily meets MoldTech’s requirements. It is the ideal solution for production needs with fluctuating air demands. The variable speed drive (VSD) technology continuously adjusts the airflow to the demand, resulting in energy savings of 35 % on average.
A very special application for MoldTech products
MoldTech’s compressed air must not contain any dirt, moisture or oil, which could cause costly damage to the highly sensitive measuring systems used in production. The integrated refrigerant dryer in the GA18 immediately reduces the water content in the compressed air, and Atlas Copco’s downstream pipe filters remove any remaining dirt. This increases the life of the company’s sensitive equipment and helps ensure the quality of the products they make, such as the precision accessory parts they produce for ice speedway racer Franky Zorn. Ice speedway racing is motocross on ice. Special motorcycles are ridden on natural or artificial ice rinks. The extreme conditions in terms of temperature and “track” require special materials, which often have to be worked on under special conditions. The riders, like Franky Zorn, are responsible for the specially equipped motorcycles used in the sport. This is where MoldTech can offer its expertise. With their specialty milling and precise machining, they develop specialty parts from high-quality materials to produce spikes for the motorcycle’s wheels, which offer a good grip for optimum acceleration and extreme inclines on the bends. Currently, the compressed air requirement at full operation for all production machines is approximately 2.4m3/min. With a design capacity to cover demands of 0.95 to 3.6 m3/min, the GA 18 VSD FF will be working for MoldTech well into the future to supply quality compressed air as the company grows and production increases.

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