Atlas Copco vacuum pump fills urgent need at printing company

June 26, 2015

Energy efficiency

When Coingra – Companhia Gráfica dos Açores (Coingra) needed to urgently replace a vacuum pump at its printing facility, the company’s management team quickly consulted Fácil, the Atlas Copco distributor in the Azores. Fácil immediately recommended an Atlas Copco GV oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump for rough vacuum solutions between 1mbar and 500mbar.

Vacuum pump at printing company

Established in the Azores in 1992, Coingra plays a strategic role by providing regional printing services and graphic arts work to Azorean companies, as well as clients on mainland Portugal. The company continually strives to provide quality products in a timely manner by focusing on its printing technology, which includes an Atlas Copco GA22FF compressor to supply air to its print shop. Knowing the Atlas Copco brand well, the company did not hesitate to order a new GV vacuum pump.
Reliability is a key feature
“Atlas Copco is a strong, quality brand that provides a guarantee of reliability, which is fundamental when you manage a business that cannot afford to shut down,” said João Aguiar, the Coingra technician who oversaw the purchase. Atlas Copco’s GV series vacuums feature oil-sealed rotary screw systems that are highly efficient and operate in a pressure range between 1mbar(a) and 500mbar(a). The GV system runs at a sound level as low as 69 dB(A), allowing it to be installed close to the point of use. Reliability is a key feature of the GV vacuum system. The technology is contact-free and thus wear-free. As an added benefit, the oil-sealing technology leads to robust, trouble-free operation. The GV is outfitted with oversized motors and a highly efficient oil-mist separation. The state-of-the-art coalescing filters reduce oil mist carry-over in the environment. This leads to less oil top-ups, lower running temperatures and lower motor power consumption.
Operating at the lowest energy point
The GV system’s modulating valve, fitted at the pump inlet, enables the capacity to be matched to the actual demand. This not only minimizes the system’s vacuum level fluctuations, but also operates the pump at the lowest possible energy point. The vacuum pump also has to stop/start less frequently, leading to less wear and maintenance and, therefore, increased reliability. The GV delivers capacities between 500 and 5000m3/h, making it the ideal machine for many applications, such as printing and packaging, plastics, electronics, woodworking, bottling and canning. “We wanted to achieve the greatest profitability possible with a high level of reliability,” points out João Aguiar. “This new pump has made our processes much more efficient.”

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