Atlas Copco compressors supply pure oil-free air to nutritional supplement manufacturer

June 22, 2015

Atlas Copco ZA 6G-300 low-pressure, oil-free screw compressors provide pure, reliable compressed air during the fermentation process at the Kingdomway Group’s nutritional supplement manufacturing facility in Hohhot, Mongolia.

Kingdomway Group, a world-leading provider of nutritional supplements, operates four production facilities in Xiamen and Hohhot, Mongolia. To meet their compressed air requirements during the fermentation process, Atlas Copco’s sales and technical service team recommended 16 ZA 6G-300 low-pressure, oil-free screw compressors to keep the Hohhot production line running smoothly. “Fermentation is one of the most important steps in producing our key additives, including coenzyme Q10, DHA, and ARA for milk and nutritious health products,” said Mr. Jiang , Site Manager at Hohhot. “As there are 16 fermentation tanks connected to the production line, the pre-filter, moisture separators and other equipment may cause drops in pressure and air loss,” said Leo Yang, Senior Sales Engineer with Atlas Copco. “To maintain the incoming air pressure in the fermentation tank at 2-2.5 bar – and taking into consideration other production processes and conditions – we set the front-end input pressure at 3 bar to keep the fermentation production line running stable.” The purity of the compressed air is of critical importance during the fermentation process. “As the compressed air comes into direct contact with the fermentation process, air purity is vital. The presence of even small oil traces will kill the bacteria, contaminate the end product and put consumers’ health at risk. Therefore, absolute oil-free compressed air is our focus,” stressed Mr. Jiang. The first manufacturer to receive ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2010) certification, Atlas Copco ZA compressors have set a new standard for 100% air purity. Class 0 means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products; and zero risk of losses due to operational downtime. ZA compressors also stand for durability and reliability. They incorporate Atlas Copco’s proven screw technology, stainless steel coolers, AGMA A4/DIN 5 gears, and state-of-the art electrical drive systems – all of which contribute to overall high reliability. Added Mr. Jiang, “Atlas Copco is the technology leader of oil-free air compressors today, which ensures us uninterrupted and safe production for years.”

Equipment spotlight: ZA 6G-300
  • Totally enclosed IP55 motor ensures continuous operation and exceptional reliability
  • Integrated variable speed drive technology offers energy savings up to 35% Written by Michael Gaar

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