Atlas Copco compressors reduce energy consumption on Thai Summit production lines

June 25, 2015

Thai Summit Group, a leading manufacturer of automotive and motorcycle parts in Thailand, uses more than 30 Atlas Copco compressors on their production lines. The compressors, which feature variable speed drive (VSD) technology, have resulted in energy savings of 35% on average for the company.

The Thai Summit Group is one of the leaders in automotive parts, motorcycle parts, agricultural machines and electrical appliance industry. The production site in Pune, India, produces motorcycle fuel tanks. 3 GA 75+ FF deliver the needed amount of compressed air for several applications like quality control. The + provides efficient energy use for a constant compressed air need. Since several pneumatic tools are connected to the compressed air system, Thai Summit demands a high air quality. The integrated dryer and aftercooler of the full feature and extra oil filters extend the lifetime of equipment.

Thai Summit Group is the leading auto parts manufacturer in Thailand. Established in 1977, the company has played a major role in driving the country’s important auto parts industry. Thai Summit has manufacturing facilities in Laemchabang, Nakornnayok, Rayong, and Samut Prakan in Thailand, as well as other facilities in China, India, Indonesia, the USA, and Vietnam. Dr.Chatkaew Hart-Rawung, Director of Manufacturing of Thai Summit Auto Parts Industry Co., Ltd., explains , “We consider a lot of factors such as energy efficiency, maintenance, investment cost, and aftersales service during the selection process of our preferred supplier.” To meet these requirements, the company installed 30 of Atlas Copco GA 75 + / GA 75 VSD oil-injected rotary screw compressors and ZT 75 oil free rotary screw compressors for their painting processes in order to provide reliable performance, while minimizing their total cost of ownership. The GA VSD series reduces energy costs on average by 35% by automatically adjusting the compressor’s motor speed to meet air supply demands. The GA 75 VSD also has an Elektronikon® controller, which offers a wide variety of control and monitoring features to further increase a compressor’s efficiency and reliability. Thai Summit also chose Atlas Copco because of the exceptional level of local support. “We do appreciate the aftermarket service provided by Atlas Copco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and their distributors,” said Dr. Chatkaew.

Written by Surat Jiranusornkul

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