Atlas Copco compressor life-cycle cost management offers major savings for Bosch Diesel

September 7, 2015

Located in Wuxi on the southern border of Jiangsu Province, China, Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co, Ltd., Wuxi Plant produces electric high-pressure diesel injection systems.

It has three air compressor stations with 14 Atlas Copco compressors, including GA250, 355, 315, ZR and AQ series. Tailored specifically for Bosch Diesel, Atlas Copco's life cycle cost management concept includes energy recovery, data inspection, system optimization, and a full maintenance schedule. At Wuxi Diesel an Atlas Copco Energy Recovery system (ER), comprising five Atlas Copco energy recovery control units connected to the GA compressors, gives an energy recycling rate of more than 75%. By enabling the energy recovered from the cooling water of the air compressors to be re-used, the system greatly reduces the demand for steam in the plant. The recovered energy is used for the air conditioning system in the purification workshops, to heat pure water for parts and components production, and to heat water for domestic use in the factory area.

Major energy savings

Our Atlas Copco energy recovery system saves about 1,600 tons of coal each year and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 945 tons. Our investment in the equipment has been recovered in less than two years.

Mr. Cai Jun, Director of Engineering at Bosch Diesel Wuxi Plant:

Atlas Copco also supplied Bosch with an Air Optimizer™ ES system, designed for users running a series of compressors. The system saves energy by providing optimal management of varying air demand through remote monitoring and centralized control of the compressors. Accurate control of the pressure can also help lower pressure on the piping network and give energy savings of up to 30%.

The Air Optimizer™ saves 11% of the energy consumed by the air compressors and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 425 tons,” says Mr. Cai Jun. “The preliminary investment has been recovered in less than a year.

Wuxi plant awarded LEED certification

Mr. Cai Jun says that, overall, the Atlas Copco life-cycle solution ensures stable and reliable equipment operation while saving energy and reducing emissions, thus winning his company's trust. “Moreover, our plant in Wuxi has been awarded LEED certification according to green building standards.” Huang Zhiyong, Product Specialist at Atlas Copco’s Service Division: “We actively promote life-cycle cost management to customers in production and manufacturing environments where there is a lot of pressure to achieve energy savings and reductions in emissions. We use our know-how and advanced solutions to help them achieve these goals.” Atlas Copco has now supplied air power equipment and life-cycle cost management solutions to five Bosch plants in China.

Written by Jeff Ren

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