Maja Nilsson

Maja was one of the women who participated in our 2022 annual mentorship program. Read about her experiences together with us at Atlas Copco.

Maja Nilsson

Education: MSc. Industrial Management

University: Linköping University

Mentor: Kerstin Matiasson

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Maja and I study Industrial Management with a Master in product management at Linköping University. When the mentor program started I was in my fourth year of studies. Coming from Northern Sweden, I typically like to spend time outdoors, independent of what time of year it is. I also have a great interest in culture and arts and I like spending time at museums, theaters and musicals.   

Why did you apply to the mentorship program at Atlas Copco? How did you find out about the program?

A friend of mine found the mentor program online and encouraged me to apply. In addition to my master studies in production management, my studies are specialized on machine technologies. Atlas Copco is a well-known machine producer and it is a company I would love to work at. Therefore, this was a great opportunity to get to know Atlas Copco better also on a personal level. 

Tell us briefly about your experiences of the program

I found the mentor program to be very rewarding, both on a personal level and for my future career. I have learned about how it is to work as a woman in a management position at a technology driven company and I have seen several of Atlas Copco's production sites, which was amazing. 

What has been the best thing about this year, main lessons you have learned?

The visit to Atlas Copco's production site in Tierp and the visit to the global headquarters in Sickla near Stockholm, including dinner with all mentors and mentees were really the highlights (although everything was good). I have gotten the opportunity to experience state of the art production and also been given lots of tips and ideas for my future career by my mentor. Every meeting with my mentor was very inspiring, especially as I hope to take on a similar role as manager at a technology company in the future.  

How has the mentorship been beneficial for your future career?

I got a wider insight in and understanding of how Swedish production environments can look like and if this is something that I would like to work with in the future. I also got a lot of good advice from my mentor on how to write application letters and CVs , how to act during recruitment processes and how to manage my career. Thanks to my mentor I also got the opportunity to write my Master Thesis at Atlas Copco.  

Would you recommend others to join the mentorship program?

Yes I would absolutely recommend others to apply. Even if you are not technically interested like I am, Atlas Copco offers a wide range of job roles and opportunities.

Can you imagine working at Atlas Copco in the future?

Yes definitely!

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I will hopefully move to Hamburg where my German boyfriend lives. There I hope to be able to work in a strategic role at a manufacturing company. After a few years in Germany our plan is to move back to Sweden and then I can hopefully join a Swedish industrial company. 


Kerstin Matiasson, Operations Manager Special Production at Atlas Copco Power Technique and mentor of Maja