Sofie Jorheden

Treasury Control Manager, Atlas Copco AB

Sofie Jorheden - Treasury Control Manager, Atlas Copco AB

Tell us a little about yourself and what drives/motivates you in your career?

This is the second time Atlas Copco has been my employer. The first time was when I took a break from my studies for a master's degree in industrial economics to gain an understanding of work life and what my studies could actually lead to. After graduating, I worked for a period as a management consultant and in banking. But in the end, it was Atlas Copco's corporate culture that made me return here. Today I work at our internal bank, Atlas Copco's Treasury, as head of a team in Dublin and Stockholm, with responsibility for controlling the internal bank and the Group's financial net. Personally, I do not see a career as a set goal to strive for, but instead try to be curious and responsive to new opportunities and to take chances when they are offered.

What can a mentor contribute with to a person's career and how can you help?

The step up from studies to work is big, and you often have ideas and assumptions about how you will achieve it and how you want to be perceived. For me, it has been very rewarding and good for my development to have someone with whom I can discuss thoughts, ideas and problems. You usually pick up the answers yourself, but you need someone who asks the right questions. I hope to be able to offer this through the work experience I have had from several different employers and roles.