Annika Siekkinen

Team Manager Energy at Atlas Copco Industrial Technique

Annika Siekkinen, Team Manager Energy at Atlas Copco Industrial Technique

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you passionate about in your role and career?

I have studied mechanical engineering with focus on mechatronics, which has been a perfect platform for the work I do today. My journey at Atlas Copco started in 2007 when I wrote my Master Thesis here, and I have stayed since then. I have held different positions within R&D, anything from software developer to project leader. Today I work as a team leader in a team where we develop products for the energy segment for use during the production of wind parks. What I value most with working at Atlas Copco is that I always had the opportunity to work close to our customers to get a deep understanding of their challenges and needs. Personally, I am motivated by the ability to improve products and processes and to see the big picture of it all. To work with something that I am genuinely interested in is one of the best ways to be able to get result. It is also important to me to feel that I continuously learn new things and that I am able to develop in my job and knowledge.

What can a mentor contribute with to a person's career and how can you help?

To have someone to bounce ideas and thoughts with is very stimulating. As a mentor I am there to focus solely on the mentee's questions and challenges and that is really exciting and fun. I had a mentor myself earlier who coached me to dare to try out new things and other ways of working. I look forward to use my experiences to coach someone else and to give support and advice. I also think that I myself will get new perspectives and insights in the process of being a mentor.