Insight into the Eos internship - meet Anna Moberg

Anna Moberg discovered the Eos internship during her first year of studies at the MSc program in Accounting, Valuation & Financial Management at Stockholm School of Economics. She applied and was selected for the 2019 spring period position. Read her reflections below and get more insight in what the experience entailed.   

An internship formed around interests and background

The Eos internship was based in the Group Controlling department at the Atlas Copco Group Center in Sickla, Sweden and during the internship period Anna got the opportunity to learn about reporting procedures and projects around the forming of a controlling function for the future. “The internship was largely formed around my interests and background in discussion with my manager,” Anna explains and emphasizes that flexibility in work hours was provided so that studies and work could be combined in a good way. 

Financial e-learnings and the possibility for a job rotation

Regarding tasks and experiences during the internship, she mentions her project about financial e-learnings: “During my time, Group Controlling had a goal of providing financial e-learnings to the rest of the company. I was able to take part in running my own project assessing how these e-learnings should be formed and construct a training around operational key figures.”

“I also had a rotation in a division (Atlas Copco’s highest operational entities) for industrial assembly solutions. In this position I helped to assess companies for possible acquisitions and learned about the valuation model used in Atlas Copco,” she adds.

In both positions Anna was faced with real problems and tasks of the organization: “This felt rewarding as I knew that apart from learning, I could contribute to the company’s success.”  

Takeaways and other highlights

“The largest takeaway for me has been to better understand the complexity of this large multinational company. Although I have developed some technical skill, the major part of my learning has been in joining the group in for example sitting in on meetings and discussing with members of the teams. This could mean that I one day could learn about the logics behind the company’s sustainability reporting and the next day about developing financial models,” says Anna who also shares that the people she came across during the internship were open to share, discuss, and willing to help out: “I felt welcome straight away,”.

In order to enjoy the internship, Anna mentions the need for participants to have a strong interest in Atlas Copco as company as well to be open and self-driven: “This relates to the Atlas Copco culture where each employee is encouraged to take responsibility over their own work and career. With that said, the program is highly flexible and will be what you make of it, providing many great opportunities for delivering within your fields of interest.”