Episode 11 - Generation Z

Learn about the Generation Z (Gen Z) who were born between 1997-2012 at the age of 11-26 in 2023, as the largest generation ever.

A summary of what’s included

In the latest episode of Atlas Copco’s People Podcast, Cecilia Sandberg, SVP Chief Human Resources Officer and Dorna Eriksson Shafiei, Vice President Talent & Learning, dive into a discussion about Gen Z and how to attract, develop and keep this talent. Tune in to get the full picture and listen now! 

What traits and values stand out for Gen Z?  How do we attract this talent group and more importantly, how do we enable them to thrive? These are some of the questions discussed in the eleventh episode of the People Podcast with Cecilia Sandberg and Dorna Eriksson Shafiei.  

“In a few years, 30% of the workforce will be Gen Zs,” says Dorna. “Highly collaborative and social, this generation values flexibility and non-hierarchical leadership. Being part of the internet-related technologies from birth, they expect speed and scale in all aspects, being how people work, play, shop or find new friends.”  

“Gen Z’s characteristics reflect the broader shifts we are seeing in customers and society as a whole,” says Cecilia. “This generation highly value diversity and want to find their own unique identity, personalizing the employee experience will for sure be key, starting from the onboarding experience all the way to the off boarding.” 

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