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Share information

The Atlas Copco shares are listed at the exchange NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Large cap.

Trading and market capitalization

The Atlas Copco share was listed in Stockholm on September 3, 1920.

The shares outstanding are divided into class A and class B shares. The difference is in voting power. An A-share represents one vote at the Annual General meeting, while a B-share represents 1/10 of a vote. A class A and a class B share have exactly the same right to Atlas Copco’s capital, and get the same dividends.

The Atlas Copco shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, which represented 34% of the total trading of the A share (40% of the B share) in 2015. Other markets, so called Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF), e.g. BATS Chi-X, Turquoise and Burgundy accounted for some 33% (30% of the B share), and the remaining 33% (29% of the B share) were traded outside public markets, for example through over-the-counter trading. 

The market capitalization at year end 2015 was MSEK 251 140 (261 719 at year end 2014) and the company represented 4.4% (4.9 ) of the total market value of Nasdaq Stockholm. Atlas Copco was the sixth (fifth) most traded name in 2015 by total turnover.

A program for American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) was established in the United States in 1990. One ADR corresponds to one share. The depositary bank is Citibank N.A. At year-end 2015, there were 9 575 162 ADRs outstanding, of which 8 135 271 represented A shares and 1 439 891 B shares.

Symbols and tickers


The Board of Directors proposed to the Annual General Meeting that a dividend of SEK 6.30 (6.00) per share be paid for the 2015 fiscal year. The dividend is proposed to be paid in two equal installments. The annual dividend growth for the five-year period 2011–2015 will equal 11%. During the same period, the dividend has averaged 55% of basic earnings per share. The ambition is to distribute about 50% of earnings as dividends to shareholders. The dividend was approved at the Annual General Meeting 2016.

Distribution of shares

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Per share data

Share issues 1973-2015

[1] Pertains to 1987/1993 convertible debenture loan - [2] In connection with the acquisition of The Robbins Company - [3] 610 392 352 shares net of shares held by Atlas Copco - [4] 1 213 493 751 shares net of shares held by Atlas Copco - [5] 1 217 444 513 shares net of shares held by Atlas Copco.


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