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At Atlas Copco you never stop learning and are given the chance to make a real, lasting difference.

Winning innovation for cleaner air using Atlas Copco’s solutions

As sponsor of the global student competition Sustainergies Cup 2016, focused on creating sustainable solutions for the future, Atlas Copco congratulates this year’s winner Ylvali Busch, whose innovative and aspirational entry met the challenge of enabling a sustainable city with Atlas Copco’s solutions. Her entry “Is Hong Kong Killing me?” sprouts from the realization that clean air is a privilege in contemporary society, and tackles this challenge with a three-pronged approach:

See Ylvali describe her winning solutions here.

For more information please visit the competition website

Apply for an internship

An internship with Atlas Copco will give you a good insight into our business. It will also give you an idea of what it is like to work with us, as part of a team in a truly international company.

Internship program

Atlas Copco offers first year Master students the unique opportunity to work on exciting projects around the world each summer – and to make a contribution with their knowledge and innovation.

The application period for the summer internship is January through mid-March each year.

For more information and application criteria please visit .

Meet the Atlas Copco Summer Interns 2016

Hedvig Ahlgren – Construction Technique


“I really felt that I was able to apply lots of what I’ve learned in school into my internship. This program has given me confidence that I will do well in my last year in school. I’ll be doing my thesis at the Atlas Copco Construction Tools division in Kalmar. It feels fun to actually implement something this time as opposed to observing and doing pre-studies, like I did during the summer. I really want to encourage people to apply to the summer internship. It is a huge opportunity to be exposed to an international environment in this way.”

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Lisa Grunning – Mining & Rock Excavation Technique


“The project that I was originally planned to do got scrapped and I ended up doing a pilot study instead of my original project. Things don’t always go as planned but if I look at the experience in total it has been great. I would definitely recommend others to apply!”

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Laura Konya – Industrial Technique


“It has been a true experience! It is always fun seeing a new part of the world and experiencing new cultures and people. Overall the internship was very good and I got a warm welcoming and my overall impression is that the program is good and well thought out and lives up to its promises. I will be doing my thesis project at Atlas Copco and I feel like I have gotten a great connection with my mentor here in Stockholm. I would really recommend others to apply for the summer internship!”

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Sarah Tuhkanen – Compressor Technique


“The most fun part about the internship was that I got to meet so many different people, and they have been very open minded. I learned a lot from them! I thought it would be difficult to enter the organization as a young female but people were more than happy to talk to me and to share their knowledge. This is the first job I have had that is relevant for my education, and it has been incredibly useful. It was a good thing that there were several of us doing the internship at the same time. We have been in contact throughout the summer and have supported each other.”

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Tara Salehi – Group Internal Audit


“The program was really great. The best thing was the opportunity to go abroad and to experience a different culture, different values etc. My project tasks varied a lot and therefore I had different goals to work towards. Every day I met new challenges and new things that I needed to learn. The goals are set for you, but how you reach them is up to you. You learn a lot by having to plan the projects and how to reach your goals by yourself.”

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Meet previous interns here

Caroline Lindblad - Construction Technique

Intern 2015 Construction Technique

“The summer internship was a great experience and one of my favorite things about it was to meet and work together with people from all over the world. I had the chance to apply my knowledge gained from school and I was also given the opportunity to learn a lot more about my fields of interest. I had a lot of fun both at work and during my spare time and I hope that my work will benefit Atlas Copco. I would definitely do it all over again”.

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Satyajit Bagchi- Industrial Technique

Intern 2015 Industrial Technique

“The summer internship was an incredible journey! It was truly an experience for me to work with great colleagues in an international company. I also got to explore a fantastic new city and culture. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

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Tobias Genborg- Mining and Rock Excavation Technique

Intern 2015 Mining & Rock Excavation Technique

“To me, this internship was a fantastic opportunity to develop both on a professional and a personal level. I had the opportunity to interact with seasoned professionals every day while working on my project and got valuable feedback. In my free time I met interesting individuals and experienced the Indian culture first-hand, something I appreciated a lot.”

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Nathalie Hasselberg - Compressor Technique

“From the internship I got a broad picture of what it is like to be working at Atlas Copco. I was given great responsibility from the beginning and had the opportunity to represent Atlas Copco in meetings with suppliers. I had great colleagues from all over the world who all were very helpful, and each had specific knowledge to contribute with. Living abroad was great and I enjoyed the city of Antwerpen a lot!”

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Victor Glyré – Atlas Copco AB, Business Services

“I was positively surprised on how welcoming my colleagues were, and how well taken care of I was. From day one my supervisors let me take the lead on how to find a solution for my project. With great support from my supervisors, I was able to direct my project to a point where all my knowledge achieved from my international education could be fully exploited. Atlas Copco’s International Summer Internship is one of the most giving experiences I have had, and I am certain it will help me achieve a global career in the future.”

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Write a thesis with us

This is your chance to combine theory and practice at one of the world’s most innovative industrial companies. Your local Atlas Copco office has details of the theses on offer or you can suggest an idea of your own so long as it is relevant to our business. You will need to provide us with an outline specifying the subject of your thesis, the business area it concerns, when you plan to write it and how to contact your tutor. After considering your proposal, we will get back to you.

For more information on internships and doing a thesis with us contact your local Atlas Copco office.

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