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Integrated strategy

At Atlas Copco, our operations are guided by our long-standing strategy to achieve sustainable profitable growth.

“Commitment to innovation is key to success. Why we are so focused on innovation? Part of the answer is because it supports our goals for sustainable profitable development. We strive to increase our competitive edge by improving our customers' energy efficiency through products that are developed, manufactured and sourced responsibly. That is why we are so focused on providing high-quality products that are more productive, energy efficient, safer, ergonomic, lighter or that in other ways make customers more successful.”

Ronnie Leten, CEO and president

We develop and grow our business through strategically increasing our presence, innovation, service, operational excellence and investing in our people.

This means ensuring that we grow in a way that is ethical, even if that sometimes means saying no to sales. It means innovating with a long-term perspective when we expand into new markets or segments. It means making sure that our employees are safe and healthy and are able to contribute to operational excellence. And it means ensuring that we stay lean and efficient as we continue to grow.

Identifying our priorities

In order to achieve sustainable profitable growth we have devised a strategy that guides all our activities.  The pillars of our strategy  are presence, innovation, service, operational excellence and people.

It is the sustainable aspect of profitable growth that safeguards Atlas Copco’s long-term future. So to further strengthen this aspect we have also established  priorities for sustainable profitable growth . These are innovation, strong business ethics, safety and health, resource efficiency and competent teams.

The strategy and priorities complement each other. The strategy is what we do. The priorities are how we do it. And the priorities ensure that we do this today, tomorrow and in the long term. They ensure that our strategies are truly sustainable and that as we grow, we do so ethically, and we build an organization that will deliver results far into the future.

Our strategy and priorities