Consulting our stakeholders

Every few years Atlas Copco conducts a materiality analysis to learn what topics are of most interest and concern to our stakeholders. The topics inform the priorities we set for our focus areas.

We ask employees, customers, business partners, investors, civil society and environmental organizations to rank the topics they consider most important to our success and how they believe Atlas Copco makes the most impact on society, the environment and economy. 

The topics identified as being of interest to our stakeholders are plotted on the materiality matrix. The topics in the upper right corner are those our stakeholders consider of most importance to Atlas Copco’s long-term success and where we make the most impact on society, the environment and economy.

Atlas Copco's impact vs stakeholder importance illustration

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Colleagues discussing in the South Korea office.

Measuring progress

We set clear goals and measure success against the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

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