Innovating for sustainable productivity

With customers in resource-intensive industries, we have an opportunity to innovate and transform industry standards to build a more sustainable future.

Drivers for Growth

Innovating with a lifecycle perspective was one of the highest priorities listed by stakeholders in our materiality mapping. Taking on the challenge to innovate across the value chain, our divisions developed key performance indicators to increase our own efficiency and to help our customers adapt to an increasing resource-restricted world. At the same time, lifecycle assessments indicate that one of our products' biggest environmental impact is in the use phase. So designing with the entire value chain in mind creates shared value for our customers, our business and the environment.

We focused on the biggest trends that affect our customers, suppliers and our own operations. These vary from division to division, because of the highly diverse nature of our business and customers.

Here are some examples of Innovation KPIs that have been developed by our Divisions. Each KPI has a target, which is not disclosed because of competitive reasons. Visit our innovation stories, to learn more about how we are innovating to deliver sustainable productivity.

Innovation KPI Examples