Engaging with stakeholders

Our employees, customers, business partners, owners and the society have an important role to play in shaping our corporate strategy.

Atlas Copco Corporate Responsibility - Stakeholders

Through constant dialogue with them we continuously gather feedback that both directly and indirectly influences our business. We try to be as open and transparent as possible and deal with their concerns to the best of our ability.

Our key stakeholders as described by the Business Code of Practice are:


Through dialogue with our customers we develop an understanding of their sustainability targets and disclosure requirements. This helps us create energy-efficient products and supplier audits that meet their needs, while giving them the chance to minimize their environmental and social impact.


We engage with our employees through internal surveys and yearly, one-on-one performance appraisals that measure their job satisfaction and personal development. We engage with students at career fairs and offer various internships and thesis placements.

Business partners

We believe in developing close, long-term relationships with our business partners, including suppliers and distributors. Together we develop our products and services and create mutually beneficial processes and logistics.

Society and the environment

We hold regular meetings year-round with non-governmental and governmental organizations that represent the wider interests of society and the environment. Through this constructive dialogue we improve our risk management and operational footprints.


We know that sustainability is in the long-term interests of our company and so do our primary shareholders. We engage in dialogue with socially responsible investors and corporate responsibility analysts both directly and indirectly via investor questionnaires such as the CDP. This gives us insight into how we can continue to create long-term value for shareholders and society.