Safety and well-being

At Atlas Copco, we work continuously to reinforce our culture of safety and well-being. Our high standards and targets reinforce these efforts. 

Man working in production with safety glasses.

Our targets and how we’re doing

In the Safety and well-being area we have two targets:

  • Employees should agree with the statement that the company takes a genuine interest in employees’ well-being. The level at which employees agree with the statement should continuously increase.
  • We should have a balanced safety pyramid, with more reports of risk observations than near misses, more reports of near misses than minor injuries and more or equal reports of minor injuries relative to recordable injuries.​
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How we're doing

  • We have had a balanced safety pyramid since the target was introduced.
  • We also met our target that employees’ rating of whether the company takes a genuine interest in their well-being should increase since the last survey was conducted.

How our targets relate to the UN Global Goals

Global Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

SDG icons - decent work and economic growth

We focus on ethics, safety and well-being for our employees and business partners. Atlas Copco requires all business partners to comply with the Code of Conduct. Child labor or forced labor is not tolerated and compliance is assessed and audited. Atlas Copco ensures the right to collective bargaining and expects the same of our business partners. We aim for a balanced safety pyramid, meaning a reporting of more near misses than minor injuries and more minor injuries than recordable (major) injuries. 

Colleague showing the solar panels on the roof of the Atlas Copco factory in India.

Safety and well-being

The safety and well-being of our employees is vital to us, which is why we set ambitious standards for workplace safety.

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