Products and service

Our goals for products and service reflect the positive impact we aim to make, especially through design that takes the entire product life-cycle into account.

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Our goals and how we’re doing

In the Products and service area we have one Group target:

  • 100 percent of our projects for new or redesigned products started 2020 or later should have a target set for reduced carbon impact. The first year of reporting is in 2021.
  • Each division must also set a target for the percentage of its projects that will achieve significantly reduced carbon impact. A significant reduction is at least a 5 percent reduction in carbon impact in comparison with the most comparable product. The divisional targets are followed up annually internally. 

How we're doing

  • We are proud of having a Group-wide standard for measuring the carbon impact of our products, now used in all projects for new or redesigned products.

How our goals relate to the UN Global Goals

Global Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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  • Energy efficiency in our products and service is a key selling point for Atlas Copco. The main environmental impact is in our customers’ use of our products. All projects for new and redesigned products must assess the environmental impact of the product. Products are developed with a life-cycle perspective. 

Global Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

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  • We strive to make production as efficient as possible and reduce waste. We seek to decrease the total waste produced. Our chemical handling follows strict protocols. Components that contain conflict minerals are not accepted and Atlas Copco monitors and screens its supply chain. 

Visit the UN site about the Global Goals

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Innovating for sustainability

Our innovative products and services support our customers’ productivity, reduce cost and help them meet their sustainability ambitions.

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