Conflict minerals in the supply chain

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a rich source for minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. Conflict over the control over the mineral wealth of the country, especially involving the armed groups in the region has resulted in millions of deaths and violent atrocities.

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Minerals such as tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold are used to produce many components for electronic equipment such as laptops, computers and even Atlas Copco products. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a rich source of these minerals; however the trade, taxation and transport of these metals are exploited by the resident rebel groups in order to fund their activities. As a result, the Democratic Republic of Congo has experience millions of deaths, violent atrocities and gross violations of human rights. For this reason, these minerals and their ores are referred to as “conflict minerals”. These metals are primarily mined by hand, known as artisanal mining. In 2010, the United States Government passed the Dodd-Frank Act (section 1502) which mandates all companies that are publicly listed in the US stock exchange to investigate the presence of conflict minerals in their supply chain. Despite the fact that Atlas Copco is not directly impacted by this law, the Atlas Copco Business Code of Practice is built on the UN Framework for Business and Human Rights and calls for immediate action. Therefore, we have taken proactive steps to engage with suppliers on this issue and to set up the necessary processes to continue to build a responsible supply chain. Atlas Copco Group takes action to minimize the risk of conflict minerals in our products and supply chain and has a procedure in place to ensure any content of conflict minerals is identified. The process includes collecting data and carrying out due diligence and involves several parts of the company, including purchasing, research & development with functions from all business areas. Customers with conflict minerals disclosure requests should contact their nearest Atlas Copco Customer center.