Business in complex markets

As a truly global company, active in 180 countries, we work hard to uphold the same standards of ethics and conduct wherever we do business.

Many countries struggle with corruption, labor issues and human rights abuses. Environmental standards and legal frameworks also vary widely from one country to another. These issues may arise for a number of reasons, such as the quality of infrastructure or legislation or business practices. This risk is even higher in conflict zones, where there is little or no rule of law. Atlas Copco is continually strengthening its business practices in these markets through encouraging dialogue aimed at understanding and reducing the risks involved. Together with our partners and other stakeholders, we are constantly monitoring developments and looking for ways to use our social and economic influence to improve the situation. Atlas Copco welcomes input and feedback from all stakeholders. Violations to the Business Code of Practice or commitment to human rights can be reported via our misconduct reporting system, Atlas Copco SpeakUp.