Peter Wallenberg Award

The Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award recognizes the most innovative successfully implemented method in the field of sales and marketing.

Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award 2019

Atlas Copco Peter Wallenberg award winners at the annual general meeting 2019

This year the Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award goes to the Oil Free Sales Team in China. Responsible managers are Mao Lin, Ann Zhou, Zhou Wenqing, Steel Chen, Qiao Zhaooping, Yao Dongyu, Ji Ming Li and Stanley Cheng. The marketing team prepared a complete market analysis, listened to the customers and identified new solutions in an innovative way. The sales team effectively presented the Atlas Copco's smart AIR solutions and through training and customer seminars they implemented the divisional strategy. The efforts resulted in a growing market share in the booming electronics industry in China.

Recent Peter Wallenberg Award winners

2018 Nicklas Tibblin, Robert Stribeck, Jonas Lundgren and Nurgul Atayer

2017 Pieter Colen, Bob Rigouts, Louis De Jaegher and Damien Hoyen

2016 Tomas Lundin, Tylong Li, Stephen Chen and Lancer Chen

2015 Bert Derom and Koen Lauwers

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