John Munck Award

The John Munck Award is presented each year to a product developer or designer, or a team, for outstanding contributions to the overall quality of an Atlas Copco product.

Behind the prize

John Munck Award for technical innovation 2021

CD plus dryer with Cerades Technology - Hero Product Image 2021; landscape

This year, the John Munck Award is presented to Chiara De Timmermann, Carlo Lammers, Jan Norz and Wouter Van Dijck for developing an innovative desiccant dryer. The newly developed and patented desiccant dryer Cerades has better energy efficiency, a more stable performance, no contamination by desiccant decay and a smaller footprint. The product is used where air quality and low humidity in the compressed air system are important.

Recent John Munck Award winners

2020 Jeroen Hoen, Thomas De Bontridder and Dieter Berteles

2019 Ignacio Picatoste, Vanderson Lopes, Julio Tome, Alberto Arcos, Eduardo Garcia and Jesus Lavilla

2018 Paul Neller, Andy Mann, Brian Murphy, Phil North, Jonathan Youn, Allen Park and Dave Manson.

2017 Olof Ostensson and Thomas Lilja

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