John Munck Award

The John Munck Award is presented each year to a product developer or designer, or a team, for outstanding contributions to the overall quality of an Atlas Copco product.

John Munck Award for technical innovation 2019

winners of the john munck award 2019

This year the John Munck Award is presented to Ignacio Picatoste, Vanderson Lopes, Julio Tome, Alberto Arcos, Eduardo Garcia and Jesus Lavilla who work in Power Technique's division Power and Flow in Zaragoza and in Brazil. Together they drove the TwinPower concept and launch to market to a new level, making it a global product. The TwinPower is based on two generators, which are powered by smaller engines, that behave as one large one, while providing far more flexibility and contributing to a lower overall cost of ownership for the customers. It comes with innovative features, such as a remote cooling system and a touch screen panel.

Recent John Munck Award winners

2018 Paul Neller, Andy Mann, Brian Murphy, Phil North, Jonathan Youn, Allen Park and Dave Manson.

2017 Olof Ostensson and Thomas Lilja

2016 Andries Desiron, Mark S. Taylor, Glenn Vinck, Joeri Coeckelbergs, Jens Boeckx and Werner De Bruyn

2015 Sebastien Pereira and his team

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