John Munck Award

The John Munck Award is presented each year to a product developer or designer, or a team, for outstanding contributions to the overall quality of an Atlas Copco product.

John Munck Award for technical innovation 2018

The John Munck Award for technical innovations was presented to Paul Neller, Andy Mann, Phil North, Dave Manson, Brian Murphy, Allen Park and Jonathan Youn, who work in the Semiconductor division in Atlas Copco’s Vacuum Technique business area. They are presented the award for developing the iXM dry pump. The pump, used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, improves service life and reliability and is smaller, more silent and more energy efficient than its competitors. The vacuum pump was developed in South Korea, where a large part of the world’s semiconductors are manufactured.

Recent John Munck Award winners

2017 Olof Ostensson and Thomas Lilja

2016 Andries Desiron, Mark S. Taylor, Glenn Vinck, Joeri Coeckelbergs, Jens Boeckx and Werner De Bruyn

2015 Sebastien Pereira and his team

2014 Bert Derom, Andries Desiron, Tine Hellebuyck and Joris Derde

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