Juuli Vainio

Juuli was one of the participants in our 2021 mentoring program for women. Listen to what she has to say about her experiences with us.

Juuli Vainio

Education: Bachelor's program Personnel, work and organization

University: Stockholm University

Mentor: Helena Söderlund

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm a soon to be human resources scientist, who originally moved to Sweden from Finland to study, and I now plan to stay here and work in HR.

Why did you apply for Atlas Copco's mentoring program? How did you find the program?

I was told about the program by an acquaintance who works at Atlas Copco, so I already had a pretty good picture of the company and wanted to apply right away. I did not work during my studies, so an insight into working life, especially with an emphasis on women in working life, was attractive to me.

Tell us briefly about your experiences of the program.

I immediately got a great connection to Helena, and felt that she was very interested in how I experienced my studies and who I was as a person. I also found that she was prepared to answer all sorts of questions I had about her work and profession. I would probably have had even more questions if I had already started working in HR and could pin point some more specific subjects that I wanted to develop.

What has been the best thing about this year, main lessons you have learned?

I have been able to be very open with Helena and ask a lot of questions, like how I compare myself with others in my program, and in response I received confirmation that I will succeed and that there is no single path to success. It has been nice to feel that my mentor believes in me.

In what way has this mentorship been rewarding for your future career?

I have gained a better idea of what the tasks for a human resources manager can be, and I have considered the idea of working between the Nordic countries in the future after hearing about Helena's work. 

Would you recommend other students to apply?

Yes! It is very rewarding to have someone to bounce ideas off, and you become more confident in your own area. I would probably mainly recommend it to someone who has already had some work experience.

Can you imagine working at Atlas Copco in the future?

I could definitely imagine that, and I always keep track of the job advertisements that come out.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I am currently looking for a job to start after my degree, and hope to learn how to work in the various tasks that HR involves. In a few years, I plan to move back to Finland and hopefully be able to benefit from knowing both Swedish and Finnish and having the experience of working in both countries.

Mentee and mentor

Juuli with her mentor Helena