Camilla Ballin Ullstrand

Sales Engineer, Atlas Copco Compressor Technology

Camilla Ballin Ullstrand, Sales Engineer, Atlas Copco Compressor Technology

Tell us a little about yourself and what drives/motivates you in your career?

Myself and my whole family like being active and getting outside with such hobbies as swimming, cycling and cross-country skiing. I like to be on the move and it is something that is reflected both in my private life and in my working life as a sales engineer at Atlas Copco Compressor, a company within the Atlas Copco Group that sells market-leading solutions for compressed air and gas to companies operating in the Swedish market. I have a genuine interest in technology and products that help our customers optimize their business, and after 20 years, with experience from various services in heavy industry, I still get as much fun from going to work. As a person, I am purposeful, structured and helpful. I care about being at hand for my colleagues and for our customers and I attach great importance to finding forms of cooperation that lead to the solution we propose being in line with and exceeding the customer's expectations. In my work, I am based at my home in Kolmården, and the customers I am responsible for are based in Östergötland and the southern part of Södermanland. This means that I travel a lot, but that I almost always have the opportunity to come home in the evening, something that suits me very well.


My goal and my driving force has always been to build long-term customer relationships, whereby the customer feels satisfied with my actions and the solutions I present, regardless of whether it is a need that must be satisfied or a problem that must be solved. Within Atlas Copco, I have had the opportunity to attend various internal training sessions that have given me better conditions to succeed in my work, something that is extremely important to me. When I notice my development, I get motivated to learn even more and do even better! I'm a competitive person and want clear sales goals to work towards. At the same time, I think it is important to both receive and give feedback, something that increases my chances of achieving what is absolutely the most important thing to me: a satisfied customer. My work is very varied and I meet different customers in different companies almost every day. I also work closely with our partners in the region. Variation and continuous development is something that drives me forward and I appreciate the opportunity to seek new challenges and services within a company whose values I share and where I feel connected to my colleagues.

What can a mentor contribute with to a person's career and how can you help?

Having someone to share thoughts and ideas with is extremely edifying. A mentor is there for you and, during your conversations, focuses only on you and your challenges, which is both exciting and fun! I had a mentor who coached me to dare to try to do things in new and different ways.


As a mentor, I look forward to using my experience to coach someone else forward and towards their goals. I also hope to get some new perspectives that I can benefit from in my everyday life.