Tara Salehi – Group Internal Audit

Tara Salehi is studying for her MSc in Finance at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.


Tara is this year’s only finance student in the Summer Internship program and she did her summer project for Group Internal Audit and Assurance function. For the duration of the project, she was based in Antwerp, Belgium. Group Internal Audit has identified the Purchase to Pay process to be further developed from an audit perspective. The purchasing function is identified as an important function in Atlas Copco with great potential to drive efficiency and cost cut. However, managing the risks, controls and governance of the function may not always be in focus.

Tara investigated risks in the Purchase to Pay process and with an understanding of the generic process, she developed a process description and process map which can be added to Atlas Copco’s integrated management system. The report was based on interviews, documentation review, and interaction with business area purchasers, leading buyers, sourcing managers, IMS and the Group Internal Audit function. Tara also identified controls and governance, and reviewed and developed the internal audit program for the Purchase to Pay process with a risk-based approach.