Nathalie Hasselberg - Compressor Technique

Nathalie Hasselberg is currently studying for her Master’s degree in a combination of mechanical engineering and industrial design at Lund University.

Her project during the summer of 2015 was with the Compressor Technique business area and their service division. Nathalie was located in Antwerp, Belgium where the business area’s headquarters and main manufacturing plant is situated. Compressor Service Techniques Division is focusing on the aftermarket by delivering and selling spare parts for compressors. Part of the organization is the Antwerp Distribution Center which delivers around 300 000 different spare parts to the entire world.

Atlas Copco’s promise to the customers is to deliver spare parts for a minimum of 10-15 years after production has stopped. Nathalie’s project focused on certain selected commodities to identify where it was possible to reduce complexity without losing integrity. The outcome was a list of items for which Atlas Copco can implement reduction in number of variations kept in stock.