Meet Sena Gulec

Sena grew up Çorum, Turkey and is currently studying her final year in Electrical Engineering at the Yıldız Technical University in Turkey. During the internship she will support the Motor Vehicle Industry division’s engineering team in the Istanbul office.  

May 2021

Sena Gulec - participant in 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program

Education: Studying Electrical Engineering, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Country of placement: Turkey

Division during internship: Motor Vehicle Industry

Field of work: Engineering

Interests: Visiting cinemas and theaters, reading, cooking.

“Atlas Copco is a company with a long history and a big focus on innovation. I’m sure I will get the chance to develop and improve my skills through new experiences,” Saliha says and adds that she’s looking forward to navigate her way in the organization and to get to know her new colleagues. 

Checking-in during summer

July 2021

Explain more about the dedicated project that has been assigned to you. What is your role in this?

The project I’m working with is focused on Employer Branding. The goal of the project is to analyze how Atlas Copco works with Employer Branding and more specifically in relation to student recruitment today. It also covers how to support the local Customer Centers in these recruitment processes. We have completed student surveys, done interviews with external students and performed many interviews with Atlas Copco employees. I’ve also been very involved in analyzing external benchmark companies for example through what these companies display on their websites and on LinkedIn. External benchmarking was my assignment, but we’ve always worked together as a team and helped each other out with the assignments in a collaborative way. 

Have you experienced any challenges so far?

I think the biggest challenge so far has been to manage time in a good way. One way of dealing with this has been to schedule and prioritize my tasks, to really set time aside for various things. In the team, we have different cultures so at times it has been challenging to understand each other. Everybody is from a different country so there are time differences and language barriers. But we have learned many new things from each other. 

What have you learned about our culture and values so far?

I have learned lots of things during this internship program. I have for example had the opportunity to visit some companies in Turkey, I have met many customers and have also seen how we communicate with them. I have learned more about the products and have also tested them.


Overall, I have had an amazing time working together with my team and I have learned more about new cultures. I like the employees and how helpful everyone is. Atlas Copco values its employees to a high extent, the company cares and wants to keep people committed.  

Sena Gulec - participant in 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program

During the internship program, Sena has worked with colleagues from different cultures and countries in the world.

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