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Meet Sandra Hillergren

Sandra Hillergren from Skellefteå, 800 km north of Stockholm, is one of this year’s participants in the Global Industrial Internship Program. She is currently pursuing her master’s in Strategic Information Systems Management and is eager to learn more about Atlas Copco and to dive right into her project assignments in the assembly segment.   

May 10, 2021

Education: Studying a master’s in Strategic Information Systems Management, Stockholm University, Sweden. Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management.

Country of placement: Sweden

Division during internship: General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems

Field of work: Marketing, Assembly segment

Interests: Passionate about Taekwondo! Represented the Swedish National Team for several years in the European and World Championships. 

Sandra Hillergren - 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program participant

When asked about why she applied to the Industrial Internship, Sandra says that the first thing that caught her interest was the very international approach of both Atlas Copco as a company, as well as the nature of the Program. “I enjoy working with people from different countries and backgrounds, so I thought it would be a good fit for me. Another reason for applying was that I had no previous knowledge or experience of the industrial industry and wanted to learn more about it,” she explains.

Over the course of the internship Sandra is based in Sickla, Sweden in the General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems division, more specifically within the Assembly segment. “Since the internship is more virtual this year due to the Covid-19 situation I will alternate working from the office and from home,” she explains.

During the internship she is mainly focusing on two projects, one local and one global. “For my local project, I will assist in developing the Assembly Segment’s digital presence through some selected channels. I will also support in segment mapping, to better understand the market for future opportunities and growth. This connects to the global project, where my team and I will do a market share size estimation to get a better view of the division’s current and future position in the market,” Sandra says. 

Early learnings

“One of my most interesting learning this far, is how innovative Atlas Copco is. My initial understanding of the industrial industry was very far from what I have learned during the last couple of weeks. I knew that Atlas Copco is a large company – but I have started to realize that it is way bigger and more involved in my everyday life than I could ever imagine when I walked through the headquarters glass doors on my first day a few weeks ago,” she concludes.