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Meet Oscar Axelsson

Oscar Axelsson from Eksjö in the south of Sweden is one of the participants in this year’s Global Industrial Internship Program. During the internship he is based in the sourcing department in the General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems division in Sickla, Sweden. Although Covid-19 means that most of his work so far has been from the home office, he is curious to explore more about what Atlas Copco has to offer. 

May 10, 2021

Oscar Axelsson, participant in 2021's Global Industrial Internship Program

Education: Studying Industrial Engineering and Management with a master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Institute of Technology, Linkoping University, Sweden  

Country of placement: Sweden

Division: General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems

Field of work: Sourcing

Interests: Passionate golf player. “Nothing really beats a nice golf round during Swedish spring or summer!”

Over the course of the internship Oscar will work on three different projects. “Two of the projects are within sourcing at the General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems division. The third project is the project where I work with a global team consisting of five other interns. The focus of the global project is how to measure market size, share and potential more effectively,” he says.  

A global player with a high profitability

“I applied for this internship since Atlas Copco is a global company founded in Sweden and since I wanted to learn more about the way Atlas Copco operates such a large organization with such effectivity and profitability,” Oscar explains when asked about the reasons for participating in the Industrial Internship. He also emphasizes that the global nature of the program was something he valued highly.   

When it comes to expectations of the internship, except for having fun with other interns, he hopes to explore more about the way Atlas Copco operates and to develop his ability to solve complex problems in global teams. “I think the program will lead to great connections with other interns and with more senior colleagues globally. Working in challenging projects will definitely require me to step out of my comfort zone, which I´m really looking forward to,” Oscar says.   

Early learnings

“I didn´t really know how global Atlas Copco were before I started this internship. Another interesting thing that I´ve learned so far is that the smartphone that you are using is probably assembled with tools from Atlas Copco, as well as the cars you see driving around in your city,” he concludes.