Meet Lina Ring

Lina Ring is studying Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. During the Global Industrial Internship Program, she is working in Data Driven Services within the Industrial Technique Service division in Sickla, Sweden.  

May 2021

Lina Ring - 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program participant

Education: Studying Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Country of placement: Sweden

Division during internship: Industrial Technique Service

Field of work: Data Driven Services (UX design)

Interests: Passionate volleyball player. “I’m looking forward to entering the court again after Covid-19.”

Over the course of the internship Lina is mostly focusing on user experience (UX) design but is also taking part in a global project along with a few other students in the program. “During the last couple of weeks, I have been learning more about Atlas Copco and the community within. What I appreciate most so far is that people are in focus, both when it comes to developing new products, but also when it comes to personal development,” she says. 

Looking for challenging tasks

Lina applied to the Industrial Internship as it entailed all aspects of what she hopes to experience over the summer. “That means professional and personal growth, challenging tasks, teamwork, and new international connections,” she says. Overall, her expectations of the internship boil down to learning new things and working with people from all over the world. “And of course, having fun!” she concludes.  


Checking in during summer

July 2021

Can you tell us about your tasks and experiences in the internship so far? What are the biggest challenges?

So far, I have been working together with a few other interns on a project which revolves around how to approach remote services within Atlas Copco. This has allowed us to talk to many experienced people throughout the organization and I have learned a great deal about our business and the challenges that lie ahead. The most challenging, but also very fun, part of this project is to prioritize and categorize all the input into an applicable business plan. By applying the different areas of knowledge that we have within the team; I think this is something that we will manage to work out.

I’m also involved in developing parts of the service offer from the Data Driven Services division, both from a strategic standpoint and from a UX design standpoint. I get to apply my creativity, as well as being analytical, which is a balancing act that I really enjoy in my workday. I get a lot of support from my colleagues, and I am trusted to run with my ideas and try them out. I have felt included and part of the team from the very beginning.  

Who are you interacting with in Atlas Copco?

In general, I have been in contact with people from all over the world with many different roles and expertise. Everyone has been very open to share their knowledge with me and I’m learning loads, both when it comes to actual information but also culturally. I think this goes hand in hand with Atlas Copco’s focus on the people and how valued they are as a part of the organization. 


Checking-in after completed business project

August 2021

How did the project turn out?

Now when the project is over, I am extremely happy with our results. We managed to conduct some extensive research during summer and thereafter summarized and delivered our conclusions and recommendations in a final project presentation. I’m proud of my team, and I hope that Atlas Copco can use what we have done going forward. 

What was the nicest experience during your internship?

Some of the nicest moments during the internship have been to get to know the other interns who were part of the program. To share experiences with people in a similar position as yourself and to meet each other, both during the projects and workshops but also in other activities outside, is something that I have really appreciated.   

How was the internship experience as a whole?

Overall, the internship has been great. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to develop and be challenged in a professional environment. Atlas Copco is a company that gives you the room and support you need. The tasks and activities that I have undertaken have been fun. I have really been able to test myself and my skillset, as well as deepen my understanding of the industry and the company. 

How will this internship help you in your future career?

I have gained a lot of skills, both hard and soft ones, that I will bring with me in my future. One of the main things is the experience of working in a global team. To get the most out of the teamwork, it would however have been useful with more introductions to tools and routines of how to handle cultural differences. To conclude, being part of this program has made me very excited for what is to come, and I can’t wait to get started with the future now! 

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Sandra Hillergren

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