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Meet Julia Modée

Julia Modée is currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management with a master’s in Marketing at Linkoping University. During the Global Industrial Internship Program she is based in Atlas Copco’s headquarters in Sickla, Sweden where she will work closely together with colleagues in the General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems division. 

May 10, 2021

Julia Modée - participant in 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program

Education: Studying Industrial Engineering and Management with a master’s in Marketing, Institute of Technology, Linkoping University, Sweden  

Country of placement: Sweden

Division during internship: General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems

Field of work: Marketing in the electronics segment

Interests: Passionate about social justice issues. Previously worked in UNICEF and volunteered in India.  

During the course of the internship Julia is specifically focused on marketing within the Electronics segment. One of the reasons for applying to the Internship Program was to get more hands on and practical experience from a large industrial player like Atlas Copco, as well as learning and applying her own set of skills in an international setting.

Regarding expectations of the Industrial Internship, Julia hopes for a good learning experience and a way to complement her learnings from university. “I would like learn more about the industry and look forward to work in an international team to provide meaningful insight to the company,” she says.