Meet Inès Dizengremel

Through an international schooling and upbringing with a French-Swedish flair, Inès discovered early on that she thrives in international environments. This insight has already led her to many exciting adventures in the world with the latest one being the Global Industrial Internship Program in Atlas Copco. 

May 10, 2021

Inès Dizengremel - 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program participant

Education: Studying Industrial Engineering and Management with a master in Strategy and Control, Institute of Technology, Linkoping University, Sweden. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Country of placement: Sweden

Division during internship: Motor Vehicle Industry

Field of work: Marketing in the Total Workstation Team 

Interests: Dancing (Afrobeat and Salsa), travelling and learning new languages.  

Inès was introduced to Atlas Copco in 2018 while studying at Linkoping University. Through the university she was awarded a scholarship sponsored by Atlas Copco and thereby got the oppurtunity to do an exchange year in Montréal, Canada. “The student scholarship recipients were also invited to a day with Atlas Copco where we got an introduction to the company and its global reach and presence,” she explains. “I remember thinking that this was very interesting, I had never really thought in depth about the company before,” she says and mentions that she is also a mentee in a local Swedish Mentorship Program run by Atlas Copco. “All the new insights into the company made me interested in the Global Internship program,” Inès says.  

Learning about the industry and product management

Over the course of the internship Inès is based in Sickla, Sweden and will work together with the Total Workstation Marketing team within the Motor Vehicle Industry division. She will also take part in a global Employer Branding project together with a few other students in the Industrial Internship.

“My expectations of the Industrial Internship are that I’m going to learn tons about the industry and product management from my team and the inspiring people around me! My understanding of the product development from R&D to prototypes and first sales will most definitely deepen. I also look forward to collaborating with and getting to know my international project teammates in the Industrial Internship,” Inès concludes.  

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