Meet Eliška Rychetská

Eliška Rychetská is one of the incoming participants in the Global Industrial Internship Program. She’s currently doing her master studies in management at the University of Economics Prague in the Czech Republic. With a passion for exploring different cultures, she is excited to connect with her new global colleagues in Atlas Copco. 

May 2021

Eliska Rychetska, one of the incoming participants in the Global Industrial Internship Program.

Education: Studying Management at the University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

Country of placement: Czech Republic

Division during internship: Motor Vehicle Industry/General Industry Tools and Assembly Systems  

Field of work: Marketing Intelligence

Interests: Travelling and exploring other cultures. “Horse riding is another thing that I very much enjoy.” 

Over the course of the internship Eliška is based in Prague, in the Eastern Europe marketing department. Her daily work revolves around market intelligence and research. “This mostly consist of working with data and providing analysis of the data,” she says. During the Industrial Internship Eliška is also doing a market sizing project together with a few other students in the Program. 

Gaining experience in the industrial field

One of the reasons for applying to the Global Industrial Internship Program was to gain experience from the industrial field. “I’ve always wanted to work in a global company where I can interact with people from all around the world,”  Eliška explains.

“For me Atlas Copco was a fairly unknown company before I applied for this position. After reading through the website and thereafter starting the internship, I realized that Atlas Copco indirectly plays a huge role in my life. Almost all the gadgets I use are made by Atlas Copco machinery,” she says. Although only working at the company for a short time, she emphasizes that she’s quickly learned that work-life balance is highly valued at the company. “It’s also a very friendly working environment,” she says. 

Learning from the best

During the internship Eliška hopes to gain more practical knowledge about how things work in this global company. “I expect to learn from the best within the company and to get to know Atlas Copco even more from inside. I already know that this global project will be a valuable experience for my future,” she concludes. 


Checking-in during summer

July 2021

Explain more about the dedicated project that has been assigned to you. What is your role in this?

Our goal is to make a sustainable template for measuring market size and market share. If all goes well, it will be shared with the General Industry division. For now, we are working only with the subsegment Assembly. 

Early in the project we did not have a firm concept to follow, so in the beginning the team worked jointly on all tasks. Now we have two different approaches, and both could turn out well. To be more productive, we decided to split up our team into two smaller ones, with each team working on one of the two approaches. 

Tell us about tasks and experiences in the internship so far. What are the biggest challenges?

Our team is working on a bit of a difficult topic, the market sizing problem is complex and a bit tricky to understand, especially for us who are new in the industry. I think the biggest challenge has been to orientate ourselves around the market sizing problem and to make sense of the information we received and gathered. Each of us in the team has studied the topics properly and we have managed to push through with help from a lot of people in Atlas Copco. We have also had several discussions within the team on the topic. 

Who are you interacting with in Atlas Copco?

On a global scale we have been interviewing many Business Line Managers within the company, for example in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Mexico and the USA. We have also had a lot of support from other managers.  

What have you learned about our culture and values so far?

I really enjoy working in Atlas Copco as the work culture is really friendly and everyone is trying to help you when you need support.  


Checking-in after completed business project

August 2021

How did the business project turn out?

In my opinion our project turned out great. During the final presentation we got back valuable feedback, and it was mainly positive. Our project sponsor also told us that our framework was beyond expectations. I must say, that the last weeks were bit hectic, but our team managed to get through all the struggles.  

How was the internship experience as a whole?

Overall, the internship has given me a lot of new skills and I have enjoyed working with people from all over the world. I have also learned a lot from the workshops we have had and it feels very valuable to have worked on a business project that might have an impact for Atlas Copco in the future. It was challenging work, but definitely worth it. 

What is it like working at Atlas Copco?

Working for Atlas Copco is great. The main thing that I appreciate is the business culture and the working environment within the company. Everyone is nice and helpful! 

Will this internship help you in your future career?

Yes, I think the internship will help me in the future. I learned a lot about market sizing, but also about data analyzing and marketing in general. It’s beneficial to have had the experience of working in an international team, especially since I mostly work in the same project teams during university. 

What was the funniest or strangest experience during your internship?

A few weeks before the final project presentation we found out that one of our approaches for market sizing wouldn´t work as well as intended. As we didn´t have enough time to receive the new necessary data, as well as other time constraints, we basically had to redo one of the approaches and start from zero. But in the end, we managed. 

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