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Meet Ebba Rosander

Ebba Rosander is currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management with a master in strategies and management at Linkoping University. As of one the incoming students in the Global Industrial Internship Program she is working in Software Services within the Motor Vehicle Industry division in Sickla, Sweden. 

May 10, 2021

Ebba Rosander - Global Industrial Internship Program participant

Education: Studying Industrial Engineering and Management with a master in strategies and management, Institute of Technology, Linkoping University, Sweden 

Country of placement: Sweden

Division during internship: Motor Vehicle Division

Field of work: Software Services

Interests: Being outdoors. “I love skiing, hiking and horseback riding.”

During the internship Ebba will also work on a global project together with a few other students in the program. The project revolves around future business models for software services.

“I have always been fascinated by the motor vehicle industry and was looking for an opportunity to work in an international team with fun and interesting challenges. I had heard great things about Atlas Copco’s ways of working and the culture, so I applied,” says Ebba when asked about the reasons for participating in the internship.  

Early learnings

Ebba explains that she has gained a lot of insight in how the company is organized during the first weeks of the internship. She has also become more familiar with some of the tools and software services used in the division and gotten a feel for the warm and welcoming culture. Going forward, she expects to learn even more about the division, the customers’ needs and challenges.