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Meet Claudia Hu

Claudia Hu is studying for a master’s degree in Power Engineering at the Southeast University in China. She is one of the incoming students in the Global Industrial Internship Program that is run by the Industrial Technique Business Area. One of her exciting projects during the internship is focused on markets for new energy vehicles.  

May 10, 2021

Claudia Hu - 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program participant

Education: Studying a master in Power Engineering, Southeast University, China

Country of placement: China

Division during internship: Motor Vehicle Industry

Field of work: Marketing

Interests: Traveling, photography and making handcrafts. 

During the Global Industrial Internship Claudia will work in Atlas Copco’s Motor Vehicle Industry division in Shanghai, China. A big focus during the internship is to analyze the new energy vehicle market, she will also participate in a joint project with a few of her fellow international students in the program. This global project is focused on business models for software selling within manufacturing. 

A great complement to her studies

Claudia explains that there are many reasons for applying to the Global Industrial Internship Program. “The two projects that I will take part in during the internship are highly relevant for what I’m currently studying at university. To receive professional training and guidance from experienced managers is also something I find important for my own personal development,” she says and adds that the internship is a great chance to work with peers from different countries.