Antonio Celegato

Antonio graduated with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, Italy earlier this year. He currently lives in Milan close to where Atlas Copco BLM, the product company where he is undertaking the Global Industrial Internship Program, is based. 

June 2021

Antonio Celegato - 2021 Global Industrial Internship Program participant

Education: Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna

Country of placement: Italy

Division during internship: Motor Vehicle Industry

Field of work: Marketing

Interests: “My biggest passion is motorsport, I practiced karting from 8 years old until I was 20. I’m also passionate about crossfit and combat sports.”

The product company Atlas Copco BLM is specialized in Quality Assurance and Manual Tightening and belongs to Motor Vehicle Industry, one of the divisions in Atlas Copco. Antonio will dedicate his efforts as a Junior Product Specialist in the marketing department during the time of the Program. “Here, I can collaborate with my new colleagues, growing day by day and learning the products portfolio developed in the company,” he says. 


Checking-in during summer

July 2021

Can you tell us about your tasks and experiences in the internship so far? What are the biggest challenges?

The internship journey has certainly been a wonderful experience so far; I’ve gotten to know a lot of new people, from my team members to many professional figures inside the Atlas Copco Group. Working in a team, splitting tasks and helping each other makes the work very effective and creates a very comfortable clime inside the group, even if we’re all focused on our target.

My teammates are friendly and smart people, we have weekly meetings in which we discuss about our project steps and how to manage them in the best way. The biggest challenge inside this Global Internship will of course be to present a well-structured and developed project; it’s not simple to manage the amount of work we have to face, but we are a very cohesive group and at the end we will certainly make it.

Explain more about your dedicated project that has been assigned to you. What is your role in this?

My team is dedicated to “Remote Services in the Industrial Technique (AIS) Division”; after a lot of interviews inside the Atlas Copco Group that made us understand the gap between the “as is” and the desired “to be” situations, we split the group in some sub-groups and now we are focused on possible remote service solutions, also making research and looking at different competitors’ and other companies’ offers (my subgroup’s task). Finally, we’ll have to realize different business models to make our project more concrete.

Who are you interacting with in Atlas Copco?

Here in Atlas Copco I’m collaborating with both my teammates (virtually) to develop our project, and my colleagues in the product company based in Milan, especially in Marketing and R&D divisions. I also had a lot of virtual interviews with different relevant figures in the Atlas Copco Group around the world for the global project.

What have you learned about our culture and values so far?

During this Internship experience I’ve learned a lot of things: I know better how to collaborate with people so far away from me, I’ve improved my technical knowledge of products and how to organize my time more efficiently. Some real values I love from this company are that people come first and that you get a lot of responsibility from day one. That gives you freedom and flexibility but also makes you understand the importance of being well-organized and focused on your work.


Checking-in after completed business project

August 2021

How did the business project turn out? 

The project has been a real success! Our final project presentation was very effective, and we received a lot of great feedback from the stakeholders we presented it to. This project represents the beginning of new and upcoming developments on “Remote Services” in the divisions. 

How was the internship experience as a whole?

I think this internship has been a wonderful experience. The business project was very demanding in each of its parts; from interviews, competitor analyses, potential solutions analyses, business cases, to conclusions, but of course we also felt very motivated to use our potential to the fullest. 

Overall, this internship has given me the opportunity to improve my self-confidence and many other skills that will be useful for the future. I have also gotten to know a lot of smart and professional people in the Group. 

What’s it like working at Atlas Copco? 

In Atlas Copco you will find a lot of passionate people working together to achieve their targets. Knowledge-sharing and collaboration are key aspects here. From day one, the working environment has been the main inspiration for my personal and professional growth. It’s about working freely, taking responsibility, making decisions, and choosing your way to reach your goals. 

What are your main learnings from the internship program? 

I have certainly learned very much about Atlas Copco’s portfolio, something that has helped improve my technical knowledge. Moreover, working with an international team and holding presentations frequently has improved my communication skills.  

What was your strangest experience during the internship?

Unfortunately, performing this internship remotely and “at-distance” has affected the whole experience due to the lack of face-to-face interactions. In any case, I have had a lot of virtual fun with my teammates. Above all, from the successes we experienced together to the moments when we all understood that we all needed another coffee. 

Lina Ring intern at Atlas Copco

Lina Ring

As a student of Industrial Design Engineering, Lina is working in Data Driven Services during the internship period.

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