Episode 7 - The purpose-driven organization

What does it mean to have a purpose-driven organization? Why is it important? In the seventh episode of our People Podcast, Cecilia Sandberg, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Dorna Eriksson Shafiei, Vice President Talent Management dive into the topic of purpose-driven organizations. Tune in and learn more!   ​​​​​​​ 

The episode reflects on the importance and the power of having a purpose-driven organization. “I think we can all agree that people want to work for companies that have purpose at their core, where employees can feel part of something bigger. An organization’s purpose is defined as the reason for the business to exist. It needs to go beyond creating owner and shareholder value and profit, and extend to deliver a broader benefit for society,” says Dorna Eriksson Shafiei.  

The hosts also shed light on leaders’ roles and importance in terms of driving a purpose-driven organization. For example, the importance of leaders being open and transparent about their own purposes and what they strive towards, as well as the Group’s purpose.  

Tune in and listen here!