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Maria Södergren

When I was in primary school I wanted to become an economist because I was really good at mathematics. My parents persuaded me to choose a program of natural sciences in secondary school instead. I am very happy about that choice today.

Maria Södergren
Group Manager Tightening Technique ,

Maria Södergren embraces every challenge she encounters and progressively finds solutions to problems. Her versatility and problem solving abilities come into play daily when dealing with cross-functional issues and technical challenges.

Maria Södergren
Maria joined Atlas Copco Group in 2012 as Manager Tightening Technique in the research and development department. The field is highly strategic and provides customers with good ergonomics that raise productivity by increasing operator comfort level. She has been involved in investigating the customer need for ergonomics and reaction-free tightenings, and has also established a group that aims to educate others in tightening technique.

“Being close to the field and the customers, is paramount in designing solutions that align with the reality of production processes and customer needs.”

Continuous modernization
The issues she manages are quite complex, which makes innovation and field-testing central parts of her job. With her cross-functional group she is responsible for how customer’s products are qualitatively assembled.

“Research and development directly converges with customers and the market, correspondingly, modernization is encouraged and directly fed by customer needs.”

Always try something new
The positive approach she implements in her every day work along with her appreciation for mathematics and overall creativity, drove her career forward and has inspired her throughout. She highlights the importance of inspiring others to think outside the box.

“At the end of the day, finding solutions and bringing value is the key to making a difference. Always try something new and don’t be afraid to fail, for failing paves the way for success.”

What are your goals in the future?
“To further develop the processes with which we work here at Atlas Copco and further develop myself and my colleagues”.

What is your advice to someone who is building a career?
“I think that when you do something that you are really interested in, that is when you will get the furthest. If you are happy at work you will do a good job as well”.
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