Meet Isobel Gibson, Environmental Specialist in the Vacuum Technique business area

Isobel Gibson joined Atlas Copco in July 2018 through a graduate program within Vacuum Technique, one of the four business areas in the Group. Today she is working as an Environmental Specialist. In collaboration with safety, health and environmental managers all over the world, she is working to find the best and most cost-efficient ways to shift to renewable energy sources and minimize our CO2 footprint.  

Isobel is based in the United Kingdom where all Vacuum Technique’s sites are running on 100% renewable electricity. In her role as Environmental Specialist she focuses on the environmental side of the organization’s operations, the aim is to make them more sustainable. “This involves working with local safety, health and environmental managers to reduce the amount of water and energy that we consume, and the waste that we produce,” Isobel explains and mentions that she communicates around this topic internally. “This is to keep our people up to date with the important work and to inspire others to operate in a more sustainable way. The impact of becoming more environmentally friendly is felt company wide,” she says.  

Isobel Gibson, Environmental Specialist in Vacuum Technique.

Contributing to a better future

Choosing to work with environmental sustainability gives Isobel the feeling of doing something that truly matters. Sustainability is increasingly on the agenda for companies and she shares that customers are becoming more concerned about their footprint. “My driver is to help Atlas Copco to accelerate its sustainability efforts and achieve the environmental goals set for the Group, in order to become a true leader in this field.”

“Climate change and associated issues are pressing topics, so it’s nice to feel that I am contributing to a better future,” she says and adds that she enjoys working in a global team, “it’s great to be surrounded by people with different ideas and perspectives”.

Career highlights so far

A highlight in her career so far has been the 3-month period that she spent in an Atlas Copco production facility in Cologne. “To spend 3 months in Germany was a great opportunity for me to understand more about how this Group works,” she says, and concludes that the company offers many opportunities for those who want to develop their careers.

Another highlight has been working on Vacuum Technique’s program to switch all product companies to 100% renewable electricity wherever this is available, successfully contributing to a reduction in our CO2 emissions.

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