General Manager

Petra Grandinson joined Atlas Copco in 2006, one of her goals was to work abroad, and in 2012 she moved with her family to China.

She recently accepted a new position as General Manager for the product company Atlas Copco (Nanjing) Construction and Mining Equipment Ltd., which means three more exciting years in Nanjing.

When Petra Grandinson joined the Atlas Copco team, she had many years of previous work experience in large companies as well as small ones.

I wanted to work for a global company and for a company that could offer me a chance to develop both myself and my work in an international setting,” Grandinson says. “I also appreciate the Atlas Copco way of encouraging employees to take the initiative, as that encourages development on both the personal and corporate level.”

Her goal to work abroad was a conscious career choice, and the jobs she applied for through the internal job market should ideally fulfill three criteria. She was looking for a management job in production or aftermarket, and she would prefer to work in a new business area, as she had several years’ experience with the Industrial Technique Business Area. And if possible she wanted it to be in China or India. The job in Nanjing fulfilled all three.

General manager

Moving abroad was a decision that affected the entire family. China is far away from family and friends in Sweden.

But when the decision was made we were all positive,” Grandinson says. “The whole family is happy with life here – both my children and my husband, whose new role is to look after the family. It was a family decision to stay for one more period when I was offered the promotion.”

It’s not unique for Atlas Copco to have an internal job market. But, Grandinson says, the way it works at Atlas Copco is unique.

Most importantly, every job available at Atlas Copco is posted on the job market. Every application is handled in a professional manner. On every job I have applied for, including the ones I never got, I got fast feedback that encouraged me to try again. That’s what actually got me where I am today.”