Confidence in knowledge

Francisca Mgomba

When I was a child I wanted to be a doctor, because I wanted to save lives and make people healthier. Later on I started to enjoy designing and wanted to make innovative things to simplify life.
That’s why I joined engineering in college.

Francisca Mgomba
Sales Engineer ,

Francisca Mgomba is a sales engineer in Mining and Rock Excavation and she is driven by challenges. In her job she meets different people from different cultures every day, and finds new challenges to deal with.

Francisca has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and is currently taking an MBA. She started working with Atlas Copco in 2011, as a sales engineer in the construction department. After two years she wanted a new challenge. She applied for a job as a sales engineer in Mining and Rock Excavation, and got it.

Driven by challenges

Francisca Mgomba
“I meet different kinds of customers, people and cultures every day and face new difficulties to overcome,” Francisca says. “It makes me become more innovative and finding solutions to whatever problems I come across. The most important part is to listen to the customer and what they need before providing a solution. Many of our customers have a lot of experience, most of them more than myself. I learn a lot from them.” Francisca is a female engineer in an industry that is dominated by men. This can sometimes be a challenge. “Ninety-five percent of my customers are men. As a woman I have to work harder to prove myself. It’s only after describing the characteristics of the equipment, how it functions and the advantages it has compared to the competition that I get the customer’s attention.” What is a good quality to have as a sales engineer? “For any field I think the most important thing is to be confident. Show them that you can do it. Then they cannot question your abilities.” Where do you find your confidence? “My confidence comes from knowledge of the product. The customers are there to see the product and how they could benefit from it. Once you know the product well, it is easy explaining about it to customers.”

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