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Meet Global Product Manager Cecilia Oskarsson

Cecilia Oskarsson, Global Product Manager in the Industrial Technique General Industry division, joined Atlas Copco in April 2019. Read the story about her experiences and her thoughts about our company culture. 

Cecilia Oskarsson

Can you tell us about your background and work experience?

After finishing my Master of Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm I spent 20 years outside Sweden. In Tokyo I worked with implementing SAP at ABB. In Poland I transferred a support organization from Gothenburg, Sweden to Wroclaw, Poland. My first round in India I worked for Business Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Second round I was Country Manager for KappAhl’s production office in New Delhi, India. 

In Singapore I headed the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. All those years being an expat exposed me to both local and Swedish ways of doing business. I have always been greatly impressed with what I have seen of Atlas Copco: the way the company works, the way they treat their employees (outside Sweden, too), strictly keeping to the Business Code of Practice. 

How did you end up at Atlas Copco?

For me, it is important that the company I work for has the same values that I have. When we finally decided to return to Sweden the choice was easy for me. It was more a matter of finding the right position. I am amazed by the diversity of cultural backgrounds I have met in the office at Atlas Copco – and I enjoy it very much.

How would you describe the Atlas Copco culture?

Atlas Copco’s culture is constantly present, and this has been obvious from day one. Everyone is helpful, patient and determined to do a great job.

The belief that “there is always a better way” is also present in everything we do. I feel everyone is willing to go the extra mile to help. It has been very easy to develop the necessary network and get to know people within the company. I have also seen that management is willing to put extra effort into working with issues and areas where we can improve – like gender diversity.

In addition, the culture of caring is real. There is a feeling of “We are in this together; nobody is above anybody else.”


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