To safeguard Atlas Copco’s long-term future we have established priorities for sustainable profitable growth that support the strategy. These priorities guide us in how we do business.

Atlas Copco has a vision to become and remain First in Mind—First in Choice for all stakeholders.

Living by the highest ethical standards

Atlas Copco is a value-based organization, and business integrity is one of our most important priorities. We believe in doing business the right way, both for ourselves and for society at large. We make sure that our products comply with all required standards, and that we keep the promises we make to our customers.

Working with suppliers, subcontractors, agents and distributors plays a crucial role in safeguarding Atlas Copco’s reputation and brand. The goal is to work with business partners committed to high ethical, environmental and social standards. Business partners are evaluated during and after selection. The supplier evaluation process includes business partners’ use of energy and related carbon dioxide emissions, business integrity, respect of human rights and labor practices.

Investing in safety and well-being

Whether we are in a production facility, at the office, or driving to a customer, the safety and health of all our colleagues is of the utmost importance. We never compromise on that.

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Innovating for sustainable productivity

Our customers are demanding new and better solutions and we are constantly thinking about where we can make improvements.

We design products with a life cycle perspective and strive to integrate environmental, safety, ergonomics and ethical aspects throughout the value chain. Innovation is as much about products and services as efficient processes and our approach to markets. There is always a better way.

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Building competent teams

At Atlas Copco, we believe there is strength in diversity. We have people from all kinds of backgrounds, age, education and geography working for us.

Our employees get the tools they need to go above and beyond what our customers expect.

Using resources responsibly and efficiently

Waste is bad for the world and bad for business. We must be efficient and make sure that we use our natural resources responsibly.

By integrating sustainability into Atlas Copco’s customer-focused and operational goals, we can reduce costs, mitigate risks and create business opportunities.

We add value to society and minimize the environmental impact, which in turn positively affects Atlas Copco’s financial bottom line – thus, creating shared value.