Cementing values

Atlas Copco has been growing and is continuing to grow both organically and through acquisitions. To create alignment and keep us together we have our Atlas Copco Book, used by four CEOs in a row over twenty years.

New markets and new companies bring new colleagues. All of us that have been in the Atlas Copco Group for many years. No matter where we are or how long we have been working in the company, we all need to go through the Atlas Copco book, which keeps us up-to-date and explains our mission, vision, strategy and culture.

The Atlas Copco Book is used to cement our culture and explain our leadership model and strategies. It looks like a children’s’ book but the concepts are advanced management concepts.

Atlas Copco Circles

The book is rolled-out in in the organization in a circles format. The CEO of the company starts the process by sitting together with his management team in a physical meeting to discuss the content of the book during a few hours. Afterwards each member of the management team go through the same process with his or her direct reports. The circles process continues until each and every one had taken part of the relevant parts of the book.

A tradition kept by four CEOs

The first Atlas Copco Book was published in 1995, a few years after we had established our current decentralized structure with clear roles and responsibilities. The objective was to help everyone to understand who we were and where we were going.

Michael Treschow was the President and CEO when the first book was launched and when his position was taken over by Giulio Mazzalupi and later by Gunnar Brock they continued this important tradition. Early 2015 Ronnie Leten published the ninth edition of the book, which is today the most important management document in our company.

Twenty year of using the book, with drawings made by the same illustrator in all editions, have made our own book an unbeatable tool in explaining our strategies and priorities. It has created a unique culture with a strong innovative spirit. It has created the Atlas Copco way.