Our vision, mission and strategic focus

Our industrial ideas empower our customers to grow and drive society forward. This is how we create a better tomorrow.

Our vision is to become and remain First in Mind—First in Choice of our customers and other stakeholders. Our mission is to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. By that, we are creating lasting value, while safeguarding people, profit, and the planet.

Strategy and fundamentals for growth


  • Diverse customer base
  • Sales in Asia, Americas, and EMEA
  • Production in Europe, Asia and America


  • Outsourced production model, 75% of production cost of equipment is purchased components
  • Flexible workforce
  • Continuous scenario planning
  • Leadership model with clear accountability
  • Transparent organization with strong follow up



  • 36% of sales is service business
  • Asset-light operations

To succeed in our mission, Atlas Copco strives for a leading position in selected markets and segments. This is achieved through innovations and by delivering leading differentiated technology. With products and services critical to the customers' operations, Atlas Copco strives to support customers in their success. To support profitable growth over business cycles, the Group aims to have an agile balance sheet and focuses on marketplaces with high service potential.


Attract and develop qualified and passionate people, and provide fair opportunities to grow and develop with a strong focus on performance.


Invest in research and development, work closely with customers and continuously launch products and services that increase customers’ productivity and uptime.


Increase market presence and penetration, and expand the product and service offering in selected market segments.


Continuously strive for improved operational performance with efficient and responsible use of resources – human, natural and capital.


Increase the service offer, perform service on a larger share of the products we sell, leverage digital opportunities, and thus generate more value for customers.

Our core values – interaction, innovation and commitment, reflect how we behave internally and in our relationships with external stakeholders. Learn more about our culture and values on our career page.

Our goals

Atlas Copco sets ambitious goals to deliver sustainable, profitable growth. The goals have different time horizons: annual, three-year, over a business cycle, and by 2030 for the longer-term ambitions. Sustainability plays an important role in Atlas Copco’s vision and is an integral part of the Group’s mission. An integrated sustainable strategy, backed by ambitious goals, helps the company deliver greater value to all stakeholders in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible.  Learn more about how we measure our progress in these areas.



Revenue growth measured over a business cycle. Target: 8% per annum. Growth should primarily be organic, supported by selective acquisitions.
Sustained high return on capital employed by constantly striving for operational excellence and generating growth.
Earnings as dividends to shareholders. Target: about 50%.

People, KPI

The degree to which Atlas Copco employees agree there is opportunity to learn and grow should be above the global benchmark and continuously increase.
The degree to which Atlas Copco employees agree we have a work culture of respect, fairness and openness should be above the global benchmark and continuously increase.
Atlas Copco should have 30% female employees at year end 2030.

Ethics, KPI

All employees sign the Business Code of Practice.
All employees are trained in the Business Code of Practice.
All managers in risk countries lead trainings in the Business Code of Practice.
All significant suppliers sign the Business Code of Practice.
All significant distributors sign the Business Code of Practice.

Products & Service, KPI

All projects for new or redesigned products have clear and specific targets for reduced environmental impact by 2021.
Projects for new or redesigned products that will achieve a significantly reduced environmental impact, i.e. 5% or lower carbon footprint over the product’s life cycle. Divisions set their own goals.

Safety & well-being, KPI

The degree to which Atlas Copco employees agree that the company takes a genuine interest in employees' well-being should continuously increase.
Balanced safety pyramid, meaning that more near misses than minor injuries, and more minor injuries than recordable injuries are reported.

Environment, KPI

CO2 emissions from energy in operations and transport (tonnes) of goods in relation to cost of sales should be reduced with 50% by 2030.
Continuous reduction of waste (kg) in relation to cost of sales.
Continuous reduction of water consumption (m3) in relation to cost of sales.
Continuous increase of significant direct suppliers with an approved environment management system.

Our principle of decentralized responsibility

Atlas Copco is a decentralized Group consisting of independent divisions, organized into four business areas. The main role of a business area is to develop leading technology within its business scope and to follow up on objectives and strategies. This also includes people, environmental and social performance. The divisions are our highest operational entities with their own profit responsibility. They are in charge of product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Each business area also has one or more dedicated service divisions. The divisions generally conduct business through local customer centers and designated product companies.

Learn more about our four business areas below:

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Culture and values

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Atlas Copco? Why don't you check out the culture talks and find out what company culture really means to our colleagues.

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