Our strategy and priorities

Atlas Copco’s vision is to become and remain First in Mind—First in Choice with our employees, customers and other stakeholders. This means being the first company you think of and the one that you choose.

Atlas Copco’s mission is to deliver sustainable profitable growth. That means we protect and grow our business, including our resources and people, in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible.


Our strategy for achieving sustainable profitable growth makes us stay competitive and innovative and ensures we continue to conduct business ethically. This strategy consists of five pillars underlining all our activities and they are complemented by our priorities.

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Each one of our strategic pillars addresses our main sustainability priorities. The strategy and priorities complement each other. The strategy is what we do. The priorities are how we do it. And the priorities ensure that we do this today, tomorrow and in the long term. They ensure that our strategies are truly sustainable and that as we grow, we do so ethically, and we build an organization that will deliver results far into the future.

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Culture and values

The Atlas Copco Book is used to cement our culture and explain our strategy, leadership model and values.

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