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Debt information

On this page you can find external debt maturities, debt programs, public bonds and credit rating. 

External debt structure and maturities

All external borrowings for Atlas Copco AB are handled by Financial Solutions. The department is responsible for ensuring that each legal unit in the Atlas Copco Group has access to adequate financing on acceptable terms.

Credit rating

Atlas Copco has debt rating A from Fitch and A from Standard & Poor’s Corporation regarding long-term debt.

The latest rating reports published by the rating agencies can be found below.

Debt program

To ensure access to funding in different currencies and maturities, Atlas Copco AB has several different debt programs outstanding such as commercial papers, Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) and a committed credit facility.

Short Term Funding- Commercial Paper (CP) Program
Long Term Funding- Medium Term Note (MTN) Program
Back-up Facilities

Public bonds outstanding

Atlas Copco’s bonds are typically issued in foreign currency, in order to hedge translation risks from the operations. Stringent credit policies are applied and no major concentration of credit risk exists in Atlas Copco.

Outstanding USD Bonds
Outstanding EUR bonds