Cutting edge precision

Brazil is one of the world’s largest producers of granite, quartz and marble, and a key player in the ornamental stone sector. One important reason is intense investments in modern technology and machinery, especially for precision cutting.

Take Gramazini, one of the top five ornamental stone producers in Brazil. The company, which is part of the Thomazini Group, experienced an increase of 35% in cutting speed when upgrading to the new Atlas Copco SpeedCut 100. According to Group President João Thomazini, there are also noticeable savings in prolonged diamond wire life, with up to 40%.

The Atlas Copco SpeedCut 100 is actually the fastest machine of its kind, and enables a cutting speed of up to 45 m2 per hour. A unique, patented wire tensioning system makes it possible to combine this high cutting speed with low wire consumption, by utilizing loading cells technique. This enables the machine to place constant tension on the wire, without considering external factors such as increased water flow, fall in electric tension and non-homogenous materials.

Operating 18 quarries in Brazil, Gramazini has tested and approved the performance of the SpeedCut 100 for different types and sizes of rocks. This is very important for the return on investment, since every machine can be applied at any site, maximizing flexibility. “It works quite well with granite, quartz and marble and at any cut size,” confirms John Thomazini, CEO. “This diamond wire saw is not like the others. It really increases the production,” adds Gilberto da Silva, quarry supervisor.

Jhonatan Thomazini, CFO, also appreciates the detailed reports provided via the machine’s USB connection. “We have access to key working parameters such as cutting time and wire performance, and the error codes are easily downloaded to any computer. This allows for better and quicker decision making to optimize quality and productivity,” he complements.

The cutting edge of ornamental stone mining

Significant improvements were also perceived on the operational side, including increased safety. Thanks to the panel machine interface, the operator can control the machine from a safe distance.

Daniel Correa, Product Manager at Atlas Copco Surface and Exploration Drilling summarizes: “The SpeedCut 100 combines power with precision. A 100 HP, 8 pole engine, plus smart controls for distance, rotation, tension and speed, turns this diamond wire saw machine into a great investment for those whose want the fastest return and best cost effectiveness.

How the SpeedCut 100 works

Holes are drilled, either vertically or horizontally, and connected to each other at the required length. The diamond wire is passed through the holes and the ends are joined together to form a continuous loop. The wire is then fitted onto the machine’s flywheel which rotates at variable speeds of up to 45 m per second. During cutting, the machine is moved backwards by an electronic control system, allowing automatic tensioning of the wire.

Illustration 1

1) Vertical cutting at 90 degrees


Illustration 2

2) Vertical cutting with start and end-cut devices


Illustration 3

3) Horizontal cutting


Illustration 4

4) Blind hole cutting


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