Innovate for growth

September 9, 2015

Value creation

That innovation lies at the heart of the Construction Tools division has become very evident recently with the introductions of two groundbreaking products.

LT6005 Rammer

One is the new rammer, which makes life easier for construction companies. It has become an instant sales success. The other is the industry’s first-ever electro hydraulic hand-held rock drill, which will boost productivity especially for gold mining companies.

Atlas Copco has doubled its global sales of the LT Rammer since the 6005 and 5005 models were introduced last year. The key to achieve that was for the designers to truly figure out what the users need. It was designed by the division’s engineers in Kalmar, Sweden, together with the Group’s Industrial Design Competence Center in Sweden, with input from dealers and end users. The rammers are versatile compaction tools developed for work on cohesive and granular soils, for example for repair and improvements to trenches and foundations.

“We got the input that it would be great if the machine was lighter and more compact as it then would be easier to handle in narrow places such as close to walls and in trenches,” said Rune Magnusson, Vice President Marketing Light Construction Equipment at Construction Tools. “Our designers listened and got to work, and the end result is very popular among construction companies.”

So popular, in fact, that the LT6005 Rammer this year won both the iF Product Design Award and the Grand Award of Design in the Public’s Favorite category.

“Construction sites are tough environments, and the workers must be able to rely on their tools to be easy to handle, effective and safe,” said Andrew Walker, President of Atlas Copco’s Construction Technique business area. “The LT6005 Rammer is built with the operator in focus, and we are very pleased that the innovative design has been recognized with the fine awards.”

The division’s other new innovative product is the HRD100, a truly unique hydraulic underground handheld rock drill system. While the tool can have lots of construction applications, it also fits very well for gold mining. The reason is that the gold vein that runs through the rock typically is pretty narrow. That makes this compact handheld machine a perfect fit.

Its great advantage over competing products, such as pneumatic rock drills, is its productivity. This is especially true deep down in mines, when pneumatic drills lose some of their power. As if that was not enough, the HRD100 is considerably more silent and more energy efficient than rival products. It was developed in close cooperation with several gold mining companies in South Africa.

“We are very excited about this rock drill,” Rune Magnusson said. “It will be a winner.”

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