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Questions and answers


Why should I consider submitting my idea to Atlas Copco?

We believe that we can create value by combining our resources, expertise and experience with your innovative ideas. Atlas Copco is the global market leader in many of its product areas and as such offers the opportunity of connecting with an extensive network of research, sales and distribution centers. Collaborating with Atlas Copco makes it more likely that your idea, concept or technology will become a successful commercial product that will get maximum market coverage.

How do I submit an idea to Atlas Copco?

The way to bring your idea to Atlas Copco’s attention is to submit it via this website. After reading Atlas Copco Idea Submission Policy – Terms and Conditions and this Q&A section you will be asked to accept the terms of the Agreement. If you do accept, you will be given the opportunity to describe your idea and attach supporting documentation such as patent descriptions, test results or technical illustrations. After having submitted your idea, you will receive an email that confirms that we have received your submission.

What kind of information does Atlas Copco need in order to evaluate the idea?

We need a clear, concise description of the idea. This should communicate the nature of the idea and its features and benefits, as well as the status of your intellectual property. Our system allows you to attach supporting documents to your submission. Please attach a copy if you have a granted patent or published patent application. Other types of documentation that will help us evaluate your submission are results of any relevant testing and technical illustrations and photos. Do not reveal confidential information in your first submission.

Do I have to patent my idea in order for Atlas Copco to consider it?

No. Atlas Copco will accept both patented and non-patented ideas for consideration. However, we encourage you to apply for a patent if this is possible, as obtaining a patent will facilitate possible future negotiations and give you certain legal rights that you will not otherwise have.

Can I submit my idea as confidential information?

No. We cannot guarantee full confidentiality during our initial assessment of your submission. If we find that we have interest in learning more about it, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed. If you have parts of the idea that you want to be treated as confidential information, this part might be added at this second stage based on a non-disclosure agreement.

What happens to my idea after it has been submitted?

Your idea will be forwarded to a designated team of Atlas Copco engineers from the appropriate business area for review. The team will evaluate the technical and/or commercial merit of the idea and the strategic fit for Atlas Copco in order to determine if there is potential for collaboration. If the preliminary assessment is positive and Atlas Copco wants to examine the prospects of collaboration further, you will be contacted by an Atlas Copco representative.

How long will it take before I receive a reply to my submission?

Atlas Copco expects to respond to all submissions within 30 days. In the event that we need additional information or samples, we will contact you. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and that you do not contact our executives or other employees regarding your submission.

Why does Atlas Copco use a website to receive proposals for innovations?

By using a website we seek to ensure that your idea is reviewed by the right individuals across the company. This allows us to handle this process efficiently and respond to submitters in a timely manner.

Can I arrange to present my idea in a face-to-face meeting?

Our initial review is based on the information that is provided in your submission. Face-to-face meetings, phone conferences, or live demonstrations are typically not required at this stage. However, if we need more information about your idea, we will contact you.

If Atlas Copco likes my idea, how much will I get paid for it?

Atlas Copco does not undertake to compensate you for submitted ideas or materials. Any compensation would depend upon the potential deal or collaboration that could be the result of further discussion.

What type of deal or collaboration with Atlas Copco could be the result of my submission?

We are open to a variety of collaborative arrangements, depending on the nature of the innovation and Atlas Copco’s needs. This may take the form of a licensing or supply agreement, a joint development agreement, or other type of collaborative venture.

Why might Atlas Copco decline to pursue my idea?

Ideally, we would like to provide all submitters with feedback. However, in many cases we are not able to give detailed reasons for why a certain submission was declined. Generally speaking, some of the common reasons for why submissions are declined:

How do I know that Atlas Copco will not simply copy my idea?

If you do not have a patent protecting your idea, you should only share enough information to allow Atlas Copco to evaluate if the idea is relevant and feasible for further discussions. After submitting your idea you will receive an automated message acknowledging receipt of the idea, summarizing the information you have entered into the form and the date at which it was submitted. Please be aware that Atlas Copco might already hold the idea, have work in progress which contains the idea, and/or have the idea targeted for patent protection, etc. In such events your idea submission will not limit Atlas Copco’s right to continue developing the idea.